NMR Service GmbH is specialised in the design and manufacturing of customised solid-state NMR and NQR probes. Most of these probes are individually designed and build to fit excatly your requirements. This customised design process ensures both highest product quality and best price. Please browse our portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us and make your probe and experiments happen!

NMR Service GmbH also provides high quality probe repair, maintenance, and/or customised modification services. We are capable of repairing and modifying probes of the majority of manufactureres (e.g. Bruker, Doty, Varian, etc.). In addition, we are the certified service partner for probes by Phoenix NMR (Loveland, CO, USA).


Magic Angle Spinning (MAS), LED optics, and static probes

Static in situ NMR probes (with/out automatic T/M)

NQR Table Top probes

Low temperature probes

High temperature probes


We offer special, customised solutions, e.g.

NMR probe for an electromagnet

Probe for Electromagnet