MAS accessories

NMR Service GmbH provides various kinds of magic angle spinning (MAS) accessories. In addition to our MAS rotor cap remover and assembly tools, we offer MAS hardware parts/equipment and high quality probe repair, maintenance, and customised modification services. We are capable of repairing and modifying probes of the majority of manufactureres (e.g. Bruker, Doty, Varian, etc.). Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional details.

18 kHz 4.0 mm MAS stator

  • Rotor material: Zirconia
  • Rotor dimensions: OD 4.0 mm, length 22.0 mm
  • Regular sample volume: 80 µl
  • Rotation frequency: 18 kHz
  • Stator material: Vespel, BN, or PEEK
  • Requires up to 3.5 bar drive and 3 bar bearing pressure

MAS speed detectors

  • Complete setup: optical fibre, electronics, adapters/connectors
  • As Bruker replacement or "home-built" version
  • Suitable to detect 0 - 70 kHz spinning speeds
  • Adjusted to respective stator/rotor size