LED MAS & static NMR

NMR Service GmbH provides MAS and static probes equipped with light emitting diodes (LED) close to the sample. This enables an exposure of the sample with light of variable spectral width during the NMR experiment. The LED system is fully synchronised with the NMR console and offers hightest measurement efficiency, e.g. in overnight experiments with automatic switching of the LED (on/off or spectral width). Please find suitable options and full setup opportunities summarised below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details and your customised solution.




LED MAS or static NMR probe

  • MAS or static NMR probe
  • Single or double (1H/19F-X) resonance
  • MAS with 3.2 mm transparent sapphire rotors (24 kHz)
  • VT range: -30°C to 100°C
  • Up to 4 light emitting diodes (LED) next to sample
  • Individual control of LED activation and power
  • Compatible to any spectrometer and wide bore magnet
  • LED control fully synchronised with NMR experiment
  • Option: attachment of the eATM ROBOT system



NMR consoles

Tecmag Redstone console

  • 1 to 128 RF channel mW console
  • Each RF transmitter configurable to cover 2 kHz to 3.5 GHz
  • Compatible with existing RF amplifiers
  • Option: linear class AB RF amplifiers by Tecmag
  • Numerous other options are available

Tecmag Discovery 3 console

  • 1 to 128 RF channel solid-state NMR console
  • 1 kW X-channel transmitters, 500 W 1H/19F transmitters
  • Solids probe interface
  • Room temperature shim power supply
  • Options: MAS controller, VT unit, gradient control system
  • Options: multiple receivers, digital lock system

Tecmag Scout console

  • Ultra-compact (portable!), expandable, cluster-based spectrometer
  • With DC to 300 MHz frequency range

Tecmag LapNMR portable console

  • Portable single transmitter, single receiver NMR/NQR spectrometer
  • With 2 kHz to 125 MHz frequency range
  • Available with and without a battery