In situ NMR/MRI setups

In situ... everything?!


NMR Service GmbH recently developed shielding equipment, cell attachments, and complete setups for solid-state in situ NMR and MRI investigations on energy storage materials, e.g. batteries, electrochemical cells, supercapacitors, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this equipment and/or if you would like to discuss alternative opportunities.

In Situ ... Everything?!

Plastic cell capsule

  • Modular cylindrical plastic casing to assemble electrochemical cells
  • Encapsulated to hold cell parts in place and produce pressure
  • Additional cell assembly material (e.g. current collectors) on request
  • Suitable for solid-state in situ NMR probes by NMR Service GmbH
  • Suitable for other static probes
  • Longer version of the PCC with both current collectors coming from the top
  • Suitable for static MRI/PFG probes

Magnet shielding plate

  • Setup to attach electrochemical cells inside the probehead's coil
  • Multiple ways to connect to external potentiostat
  • Non-magnetic cables coming from the top inside the magnet bore
  • Highly shielded to prevent interferences of NMR and electrochemistry

Three-way in situ cell adapter

  • Three-way adapter to attach electrochemical cells
  • Clip, solder, or through-hole attachment
  • Works best with the shielding plate/setup for in situ NMR/MRI

Further readings

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NMR in battery research