In situ NMR & MRI

NMR Service GmbH provides probes and various accessories for in situ NMR, PFG-NMR, and MRI exeriments. Please find some of our products, suitable options, and full setup opportunities summarised below. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details.


In Situ ... Everything?!


In situ solid-state NMR probe

  • Highly shielded connector for external battery cycler (potentiostat)
  • Single resonance RF circuit (X channel)
  • VT range: ‐50 to +140°C
  • Option: automatic T/M over the full tuning range of the probe
  • Option: eATM ROBOT system
  • Option: double resonance, e.g. 1H/19F-X in situ NMR probe
  • Option: single‐axis goniometer with controller
  • Option: in situ plastic cell capsule
  • Option: user training "NMR on battery materials" (2 days)



Further readings / applications

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In situ NMR in Macromolecular Science!

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In situ NMR and MRI equipment

Plastic cell capsule

  • Modular cylindrical plastic casing to assemble electrochemical cells
  • Encapsulated to hold cell parts in place and produce pressure

Magnet shielding plate

  • To set up in situ NMR/MRI experiments
  • Works with commercial or home-built static probes
  • Shielded connection to external potentiostat
  • Option: three-way in situ cell adapter to attach cell

Three-way in situ cell adapter

  • Three-way adapter to attach electrochemical cells
  • Works best with the magnet shielding plate/setup for in situ NMR/MRI



NMR and MRI consoles

Tecmag Redstone console (solid-state NMR)

  • 1 to 128 RF channel mW console
  • Each RF transmitter configurable to cover 2 kHz to 3.5 GHz
  • Compatible with existing RF amplifiers
  • Option: linear class AB RF amplifiers by Tecmag
  • Numerous other options are available

Tecmag Redstone console (MRI)

  • Digital MRI console configurable with up to 128 RF transmitters
  • High power linear RF amplifiers
  • Up to 512 digital receivers
  • Low noise figure preamplifiers
  • Digital B0 compensation and low noise floor gradient amplifiers

Tecmag Discovery 3 console (NMR and MRI)

  • 1 to 128 RF channel solid-state NMR console
  • 1 kW X-channel transmitters, 500 W 1H/19F transmitters
  • Solids probe interface
  • Room temperature shim power supply
  • Options: MAS controller, VT unit, gradient control system
  • Options: multiple receivers, digital lock system
  • Option: optional gradient control system to enable MRI experiments

Tecmag Scout console (NMR and MRI)

  • Ultra-compact (portable!), expandable, cluster-based spectrometer
  • With DC to 300 MHz frequency range
  • Option: optional gradient control system to enable MRI experiments

Tecmag LapNMR portable console

  • Portable single transmitter, single receiver NMR/NQR spectrometer
  • With 2 kHz to 125 MHz frequency range
  • Available with and without a battery