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In situ flow NMR setups

In situ flow NMR setups

We offer an operando flow cell and an on-line flow cell setup that are suited for researching redox flow batteries and related chemistries. These setups are provided in collaboration with Dr. Evan W. Zhao (Grey lab, Cambridge, UK) and include all (customised) hardware and the respective user training. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details or if you wish to discuss options.


Operando flow cell setup

operando flow setup

  • Plastic cell capsule: three plastic parts for catholyte, anolyte compartments and a capsule (OD 9.9 mm); encapsulated to hold cell parts in place and produce pressure
  • Tubes and tube connectors that flow electrolytes in and out of the cell
  • Suited for solution NMR probe ID 10 mm; options for other probes/sizes to be discussed
  • Sealing: reusable O-rings and two-component glue
  • Current collectors: Au, Al and Cu wires


On-line flow cell setup

on-line flow setup

  • Flow sampling tube and adaptors for connection to the flow battery system
  • Size of the sampling tube and the position of inlet and outlet can be customized based on the NMR probe
  • Suited for solution NMR probe ID 5 and 10 mm; options for other probes to be discussed
  • Tubes that flow electrolytes in and out of the cell
  • Options include laboratory-scale flow battery,Carbon paper electrodes, ion transport membranes, glass fibre separator sheets, pump systems, and electrolyte glass containers


Further readings / applications

Zhao, E.W., Liu, T., Jónsson, E. et al. In situ NMR metrology reveals reaction mechanisms in redox flow batteries. Nature 579, 224–228 (


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