EM360 upgrade

Upgrades for EM360A, EM360L, and EM390 spectrometers!


Plug and Play console replacement with a Tecmag LapNMR single board spectrometer including new pulsed RF power amplifier, low noise preamplifier, transcoupler and shim control. The old EM360/390 remains fully functional. Please visit the EM360 upgrade website for additional information and please do not hesitate to contact us for details, quotations, and/or data sheets.


em upgrade

Picture courtesy of Dr. P. Dehnert (Odenwaldschule, Germany).


  • Digital Shim Control: control and save all your shim settings on the PC
  • Database for common 1D and 2D NMR pulse sequences, e.g. COSY
  • The NMR library (database) is included with the upgrade


Please check our applications site and do not hesitate to contact us.